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Boycott PetWorks Petstore in Grossmont Shopping Center/La Mesa in San Diego, CA
by vfj67 (vfj67)
at June 5th, 2007 (07:44 pm)

current mood: depressed

     PetWorks PetStore located in Grossmont Center/La Mesa in San Diego, CA sells sick, unhealthy puppies to unsuspecting customers and doesn't stand behind their warranty if you should have problems. This is not a chain store, but an individually owned and operated pet store whose owner is Richard Fuller, of Richard Fuller Inc. d.b.a. PetWorks. If I can prevent one person or family from going through what I went through, then this blog will have been worth it! 
     We all hear the horror stories about pet stores, puppy mills and how it's best to go through a reputable breeder or adopt from  the humane society right? But we all see those cute, adorable puppies in the window and think..."it could never happen to me?" But if you look up Petworks on Yahoo Reviews, Google Blogs or My Space or even the Better Business Bureau of San Diego, like I should have done first, then you will see the numerous stories of families devastated by PetWorks' ruthless and unscrupulous practice of selling sick, defective and unhealthy puppies to people. It's been going on for years and has been getting more frequent. 
     So here's my story to add to the list of people victimized by this heartless pet store PetWorks in the Grossmont Shopping Center of La Mesa/San Diego:

     I went in on 01/02/07 and fell in love with a 3 month old Golden Retriever and was wanting a puppy in my life to train as a service dog. I am a disabled, U.S. Navy veteran and wanted a canine companion. I had been to the store before and seen the smiling faces and joy of all the people looking at puppies. People buying them impulsively like we tend to do. I ,also, had a store credit from earlier in the year when I almost bought a Westie from them and changed my mind because when I got home I realized I truly couldn't afford the purchse price for the Westie. So they seemed to understand and gave me a year to use this credit at their store, but no refund. I was impressed and thought it was very nice of them to do that for me. 
     Well, I should have used my store credit to buy pet supplies and donate them to the animal shelter as good karma, but No! I saw this 3 month old golden retriever puppy, had saved up my money this time, and yep, I went for it. The puppy was so sweet and smart. I came back 3 days after I had paid for the pup in full earlier on Tuesday,01/02/07, to bring the puppy home on that Friday, 01/05/07, over weekend so we could have time to bond. When I got to the store, a store employee told me "I have some bad news...the puppy has contracted kennel cough (a highly contagious illness btw) and can't go home yet." That was Friday, 01/05/07, and I was finally able to bring the golden retriever puppy home on 01/30/07 after the puppy had finished all the antibiotics. I had the puppy home for less than 24 hours when I noticed the puppy had severe dry skin, couldn't stop chewing and scratching, and was obviously very uncomfortable. The veterinarian diagnosed the puppy's skin problem as Primary Seborrhea which is a hereditary defect. 
    They only gave me a 50% refund minus $80 for some trumped up kenneling fees took the puppy back and resold it. I tried to get all my money back in small claims court. But I lost! I had signed two addendum forms after the original contract so the judge had to decide in their favor. He did say that he was definitely convinced they intended to sell me a sick dog, that the kennel fees was in his opinion "chinsy" and that if it were his business he would have given me all my money back with an apology.
     Not only did they refuse to honor their 1 year warranty, but the two addendum forms they had me sign voided their warranty....pretty sneaky huh? So I am out $540, still have no service dog and they took the dog back and resold it! I hope to prevent anyone else from going thru what I did. This place needs to be shutdown and put out of business! 


     Oh and the BBB which they belong too wasn't much help either in resolving this either. Petworks uses BBB logo as just a ploy. PetWorks belongs to the BBB and is using them, in my opinion, to appear to be a reputable business. If you do your research like I did not do first, then you will see that this is a very sad, but true story similiar to other people who have bought pets from PetWorks.

by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at November 10th, 2006 (09:25 am)

current mood: annoyed


The following is a story from the AP- all CA50th district voters should read this:


Haas’ Decision To Delay Paper Ballot Count Artificially Inflates Votes For Republican

November 10, 2006 San Diego, CA- Attorney Paul Lehto, a national expert on election integrity, today released the results of an independent Zogby exit poll of voters in the November 7 election in California’s 50th District. The exit poll shows the race much tighter than the results published by the San Diego Registrar of Voters as of the day after the election, six percentage points closer. Moreover, after adjustment for an oversampling of Bilbray voters, the adjusted poll shows Democrat Francine Busby well within the margin of error, making the race uncertain in actual outcome. Paper based votes yet to be counted favor Francine Busby, such as paper ballots obtained at the polls, which constitute 6.4% of all voters and favor Busby 58% to 39%.

The poll also contains important findings about the relationship between different forms of voting and voter demographics, revealing a tendency for Democrats to use paper ballots versus other forms of voting such as electronic machines. In violation of state and federal law, and despite lawsuits filed to stop the process, San Diego Registrar of Voters Mikel Haas delayed the paper ballot count for paper ballots obtained at the polls by fully qualified voters, preferring to have other forms of ballots have been counted preferentially first, attempting to justify this second class service to paper-based voters by stating “this is an electronic election” when in fact the public is legally allowed a choice of either technology.

In a midterm election marked by concerns about the security and integrity of electronic voting, the delay essentially eliminates paper ballots from the early results typically publicized on election night, and thus eliminates Democratic votes from the consideration of what the election means for candidates, for the public, and for the perceived competitiveness of districts for several news cycles if not permanently, and therefore leads to distorted news headlines and interpretations.

This can only be avoided if the media realizes that in situations where choices of voting technology are available, it is becoming increasingly common for voters of different parties to prefer different technologies.

According to Lehto, “Mr. Haas’ abuse of discretion stems from the current nationwide bias by election officials toward electronic voting which, in San Diego’s case, skewed election day results toward the Republican candidate. The resulting bias in media coverage caused irreparable harm to the other candidates.

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by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at November 8th, 2006 (02:20 pm)

current mood: tired

Well it would seem like we should be having a massive victory party in America as the Democrats have been able to take back the House and maybe the Senate if all goes well in two undecided elections.

But don't put your party hat on yet- there is still a lot of work to be done.

Last night I was at the Francine Busby campaign headquarters. Even as the first reports from precincts came in suggesting that Busby was way behind Brian Bilbray- the Republican incumbant that replaced Randy "Duke" Cunningham after Duke was shamed and jailed, the positive spin stayed at the event. There were no long faces last night.

Except for mine...

I simply cannot believe that according to the latest numbers that Bilbray, despite the denials of supporter District Attorney Dummanis, is under Grand Jury investigation, had over 91,000 idiots vote for him. All because they are scared of pesky mexican immigrants.

The official count in the 50th, so far, is:

BRIAN P. BILBRAY - REP 91990 53.27%

FRANCINE BUSBY - DEM 74932 43.39%

Defying logic, voters in the 50th seemingly replaced one criminal with another- voting against their best interest. As returns rolled in last night, Bilbray hewed to his tough stance against illegal immigration, and said it would be his top priority in the 110th Congress.

“My first job is to get there and make sure (the Democratic majority doesn't) give amnesty to 12 million illegals,” he said.

Busby said she would not concede defeat.

“We're going to wait until all the votes are counted,” Busby said in an interview after addressing cheering supporters at the D Street Bar and Grill in Encinitas.

Busby seemed to take solace in the Democratic takeover of Congress.

“Whether it was me or anybody else, a greater good was accomplished,” she said.

The trouble is it should have been her. But once again we have a bunch of ignorant bastards voting not for the best or most honest candidate but because they are homophobes or bigots. 91,000 of them thus far in the 50th...these are the ill informed idiots we need to educate before 2008 comes around.

Busby has not conceeded. The Registrar of voters, Mikal Haas, will not be counting the paper ballots until later today or tomorrow. The SROV website claims that there are 200,000 outstanding ballots that are yet to be counted. Yet all the major networks declared Bilbray as an absolute winner. I am not so certain- my gut is telling me the same thing about the results in the 52nd district- home of Duncan "Lemon Chicken a la Gitmo" Hunter.

All the votes have not been counted. Many who chose to vote on paper were forced to cast provisional ballots even though they were on the voter roles to vote on the Diebold machines.

So to declare an absolute winner- before ALL the votes are counted is irresponsible. Yes, Bilbray may be the real winner but it was unfair to Francine and her supporters to write her off before every vote is counted.

Here in San Diego County people also experienced the Diebold machines for the first time.

To give you an idea of what some people experienced here are a few excerpts from the e-mails we recieved yesterday at sdvoters2006@gmail.com. My comments are in bold:

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by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at November 7th, 2006 (06:36 am)

current mood: determined


As I mentioned yesterday morning on am1360 KLSD I am collecting e-mails from San Diego voters that experience problems at the polls such as no paper ballots (they are supposed to have them if you do not want to use an evoting machine), long lines, waiting or other voter fraud issues.

I will be posting selected e-mail reports here on DAMAGE CONTROL and sharing them with Brad Friedman from Bradblog.com and some will be reported on am1360 KLSD by the KLSD WATCHDOG.

Please consider writing a short note to us if you experience problems. Given the fact that we sometimes have to do our own investigative reporting and we cannot count on the fishwrap (the San Diego Union-Tribune) or the local news stations to tell the truth we all must work as citizen journalists...if there is fraud- especially in the 50th and 52nd then we need to write about it and get it on the air- both locally and nationally.

All e-mail author's names and e-mail addresses will be kept confidential- I will only use your first name if I print your report and have your permission to do so.



Thanks in advance for your contribution.

by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at October 30th, 2006 (12:18 pm)
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current mood: nauseated

He is the man that held out a plate of LEMON CHICKEN at Gitmo and tried to tell us that prisoners were living in a tropical paradise. Now Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) wants to continue the Project For A New American Century with a 2008 presidential bid.

Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Monday he will run for president in 2008.

"This is going to be a long road, it's a challenging road, there's going to be some rough and tumble, but I think it's the right thing to do for our country," Hunter, who has represented the 52nd Congressional District in San Diego County for 26 years, said at a waterfront press conference.

The declaration allows the California congressman to begin raising money and organize supporters in early Republican primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Hunter's bid surprised some Republican leaders in Washington. He had not been discussed as one of the many candidates considering a presidential bid, including Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Analysts quickly characterized the quest as a long shot.

"You never say never, but U.S. Rep. Hunter faces extremely long odds given that practically no one apart from students of Congress knows who he is," said Jack Pitney, a government professor at Claremont McKenna College. "He's a good member of Congress, a very effective chairman of Armed Services. It's just that he has no following within the party."

Hunter could see an opening for a conservative candidate with strong defense credentials, Pitney said.

Hunter, 58, became chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in 2003 — a position he would lose should Democrats take control of the House after the Nov. 7 midterm election. By making an announcement now, he can begin raising money while still heading the committee.

The Vietnam War veteran, a recipient of a Bronze Star, has made his mark in Congress by advocating for a strong military and border security. He played a leading role in the construction of a 14-mile double fence on the U.S.-Mexico border that is nearing completion in San Diego. He co-authored legislation signed by President Bush last week that would extend the border fence to 700 miles.

Just what we need- another corrupt bastard and warmonger in the White House. Hunter, a Viet Nam veteran new damn well that the build up to the invasion of Iraq was a lie, and yet, as Chairman of the Armed Services committee he allowed Rumsfeld to send our troops into Iraq in a war of aggresion. Once they got there he failed to make sure that they had the proper equipment such as body armour. Recently Hunter SPONSORED the Military Commissions Act of 2006.

A fan of torture, pre-emptive war and a rubber stamp for the Bush Crime Family Hunter would be the panultimate successor of George W. Bush in 2008. Time and time again when he had the chance to really support the troops he failed to. So keep an eye on Hunter in the next year...

Meanwhile we have a job to do in a week and a day. Hunter is up for re-election in the 52nd and he is running against a guy named John Rinaldi. He is a Navy Veteran, a former police officer, and a small business owner. Unlike Hunter he does not seem to be a criminal and may actually look out for his constituents more then the Bush Crime Family.

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by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at October 28th, 2006 (01:23 pm)

current mood: infuriated

On my last post here I mentioned the rude response I reveived from San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' office. I surmised that the guy I was talking to was a Repub and a supporter of Bilbray. According to Channel 10 News, "It has been noted that Dumanis, pictured, is shown on the Bilbray Web site as a supporter of the candidate."

Clearly this balking at disclosing the existence of a Grand Jury hearing was an attempt to keep it out of the press- at least until November 7th. This coming from the freaking District Attorney's office...doesn't that make you feel wonderful San Diegans?

The idea of keeping it of of the press hasn't worked so well and it appears Nathan Morrison's source was on the money.

The DA's office released this yesterday trying to explain why they refuse to give out information to the press:

"The District Attorney's Office, through its Public Integrity Unit within the Special Operations division, receives numerous complaints and referrals of public integrity violations. Unless the allegation is clearly without merit, the allegation is investigated, often through the use of the Criminal Grand Jury.

It is longstanding office policy not to comment on what is confidentially referred to us for investigation, what we are investigating, or the status of any investigation. Moreover, we are legally prohibited from commenting on grand jury matters.

Since these were not confidentially referred to us, we will mention that it is the case that the Republican Party publicly referred to us an allegation regarding candidate Francine Busby, and the Democratic Party publicly referred to us an allegation regarding candidate Brian Bilbray.

Beyond this, we have no public comment, except to emphasize that the public should rest assured that this office will continue to fairly and thoroughly investigate all substantial allegations of public integrity violations."

Then why not disclose that a Grand Jury investigation has been ongoing?

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that One of Rep. Brian Bilbray's neighbors yesterday said he recently told the county grand jury that he never saw the congressman at his Carlsbad house at the time Bilbray claimed to live there. William Rider said he was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in late August as part of what he was told was a probe into Bilbray's residency before his election in June.

So the guy on the phone said to me that until charges are brought against Bilbray he could not confirm or deny a Grand Jury investigayion. I found that to be a bit suspect. Granted I am not a lawyer but I thought that when a Grand jury was called it could be revealed to the press, and especially the voters, without releasing the specifics of the testimony.

If someone is a lawyer and would like to clue me in about this leave a comment.

So it appears that this investigation has been going on since before June. They managed to keep it out of the press before the primaries but now they aren't able to do that. The voters of the 50th have the right to know what kind of lying scumbag Bilbray is.

What is worse is the appearance of the DA's office covering up for Bilbray until after the election because DA Dummanis supports the Bilbray campaign.

Is there not one honest Republican out there?

I think not- they are all a bunch of dirty rotten scoundrals.

Stay tuned- more on this story to come, I am sure of that!
side note- One of my favorite bloggers, Wonkette, posted this funny and intersting piece with pictures she got off of Bilbray's kids online photo albums. They look old enough to sign up for the war Bilbray supports- get them to the nearest recruiter Brian!

You can click here to check it out.

by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at October 26th, 2006 (03:20 pm)

current mood: blah

In normal times, when the president of the United States and the leader of your party is touring your backyard, you drop your other plans and meet the guy.

So where was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in early October when President Bush flew in for a rare visit to the state capital of Sacramento to stump for one of the few Republican candidates in the state?

The politically-astute 'governator' was hundreds of kilometres away in Los Angeles doing some of his own election campaigning and trying to stay as far away as possible from a party leader increasingly weighed down by violence in Iraq.

Asked about the presidential snub, Schwarzenegger barely tried to soften the insult.

'President Bush is coming out here not to help California, but to do fundraising in California, so there's no reason for me to meet with him,' he said. Later on he was even blunter, though he delivered the lines with the self-deprecating humour that has become one of his most potent electoral weapons.

'To link me to George Bush is like linking me to an Oscar,' the former bodybuilder and Hollywood action star joked during an appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 'That's ridiculous.'

The pointed barbs were in marked contrast to Schwarzenegger's actions in the 2004 elections when he was a keynote speaker at the Republican convention and travelled to the swing state of Ohio to chant from the podium at the top of his voice 'George W. Bush! George W. Bush!'

Now Schwarzenegger's opponent Phil Angelides is using that campaign footage in TV ads to tie Schwarzenegger to the unpopular president. He's having a tough time of it, however, because Schwarzenegger's policies on the environment, stem cell research and other initiatives are so sharply at odds with those of Bush.

But in other political races, Democrats are using the same tactics to much greater effect while Republican candidates are doing whatever they can to distance themselves from the man some are calling 'the radioactive president.'

Thus in Virginia, Democrat Jim Webb charged that Republican Senator George Allen is little more that a Bush yes-man.

'People are looking for someone who has the courage to stand up to power when power is being used wrongly,' says Webb in one TV ad.

In other races, Republican candidates proudly tout their opposition to Bush and the other unpopular Republican bigwigs like Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney.

'I've gone against the president and the Republican leadership when I think they're wrong,' says Rep. Christopher Shays in a Connecticut TV ad.

With Bush's approval ratings in the mid to high 30th percentile and the situation in Iraq worsening by the day, political analysts are hardly surprised that Democrats are relentlessly bashing the Bush drum while Republicans are running for their political lives from the leader of the free world.

The tactic could be a key factor in swinging the election to the Democrats - helping the centre-left party win control of one or both houses of US Congress after more than a decade out of power, and begin undoing the Bush legacy.

'It's a simple matter of Bush's unpopularity,' Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Centre for Politics, told NBC news. 'He's low enough in the polls so that he's a minus at the polls for Republicans for Senate and House and governor. So they put him at arm's length.'

'You have to be careful where you take him,' a Republican campaign manager confided to NBC, explaining that in close races Bush's presence is a negative factor, but that in staunchly conservative districts he can help rally the base and raise funds. This year alone Bush has pulled in some 200 million dollars for Republicans, the centre-right party says.

A confident Bush on Wednesday insisted the Republicans will sweep the elections, and laughed off a question about his growing pariah effect on Republican candidates.

'No, I'm not (resentful,)' he joked. 'Nor am I resentful that a lot of Democrats ... are using my picture. All I ask is that they pick out a good one.'

But overall there's little doubt on either side of the political divide that putting the focus on Bush is a massive boon for the long-suffering Democrats.

'Republicans Abandon President on Sinking Ship' noted a headline on the right-leaning Fox News. The author was Susan Estrich. a liberal columnist who has been betting her conservative colleagues steak dinners that the flight from Bush is the sign of a countrywide Republican capitulation.

'I've lost enough elections in my day that I'm not celebrating yet,' she noted. 'But watching Republicans behave like losers in these closing days, I'm beginning to get hungry.'

Schwarzenegger holds big lead over Angelides: poll


by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at October 24th, 2006 (11:55 am)

current mood: annoyed

I received a call yesterday from the San Diego District Attorney's office. On the other end of the phone was a sour-sounding man who refused to deny or confirm the rumor that Brian Bilbray is being investigated by a Grand Jury. IT WENT OVER REAL BIG WHEN I TOLD HIM THAT I THINK BILBRAY IS A CROOK BUT I WAS CHECKING THE STORY OUT BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO PRINT A LIE! The miserable bastard got even snottier and it became obvious I was talking to a Republican. I can smell the stench of the arrogance and idiocy a mile away.

So officially, as far as this blog is concerned, it is not confirmed that Bilbray is under any sort of fraud investigation.

The man that I spoke with was not only nasty to me, but as I understand it after talking to Nathan Morrison yesterday, the prodeucer of the Jon Elliot show got the same response from DA Dummanis' office. All I wanted was a yes or no- it was like pulling teeth. I completely understand that unless charges have been filed he could not deny or confirm it. But if there was absolutely no basis for the rumor then why wouldn't the guy simply say it was not true?

It leads me to believe it is but it may be covered up until after the November 7th election. We will see.

Speaking of good old Brian Bilbray, in recent days, the Democratic Party of San Diego County and the campaign of 50th District Democratic candidate Francine Busby and her supporters have sent out e-mails, held a news conference and called newspapers, discussing unsubstantiated reports that a grand jury was investigating Republican U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray over documents he signed about his residence.

Meanwhile, federal election records show the Republican national party has spent more than $100,000 on a series of negative campaign fliers attacking Busby for her stance on illegal immigration and her comments about a former Cardiff School District teacher, who was accused of trying to obtain child pornography. Busby says that her postion on the issues and her statements have been distorted by her opponents.

Under the U.S. Constitution, members of Congress are required to live in the state they represent, but not in their congressional district. Bilbray says that his official residence is in Carlsbad, within the 50th District.

The real issue about Bilbray's residency seems to be whether he's been honest with voters in the 50th District and whether he committed perjury on documents he signed declaring he was living in Carlsbad. That's because he allegedly signed other documents in the same period showing his address as Imperial Beach in one case and in the other, Fairfax County in Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

Given the fact that he is a lock-step Republican the chances are good that he did indeed do this.

Bilbray was also in the middle of the fray about the CNN video that showed "insurgent snipers" firing on the US troops. Bilbray called it a "snuff piece" because the video was released by insurgents- not the mainstream media.

So it is important for voters of the 50th to consider this-

Bilbray, like Duncan Hunter, wants you, the voter, to be as dumbed down as possible where it concerns what our troops actually face. I think that if more reports like this one, preferably from a reporter not a freedom fighter, were shown on the TV then people would really support the troops the way they should be supported.

Phony bastards like Bilbray, Duncan Hunter and Daryl Issa claim they support the troops- those who keep voting for them think the same.

But the real question is- yellow ribbon people- are we really caring about the troops if we really do not know what they face in Iraq? Is this news blackout that started with the exclusion of flag-draped coffins on the TV news protecting the well being of our men and women in the military?

Are Bilbray and the rest of these scumbags covering up the truth- the fact that the troops are nothing more then cannon fodder for the Bush administration?

Perhaps, if we were allowed, since this invasion occured, to see the daily reality of the position these soldiers are put in, then so many would not have supported this illegal invasion for so long.

Supporting the troops does not mean blindly supporting the Bush Crime Family like Bilbray, Hunter and Issa do.

Supporting the troops means looking out for their well being. Making sure that those in command give them leegal and constitutionally sound orders. Making sure they have the right equipment to protect themselves and most importantly speak out against of young men and women being forced to fight in an illegal war- a war that was never declared on the nation of Iraq by the US Congress.

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by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at October 19th, 2006 (04:32 pm)

current mood: amused

(Readers Note- I am still waiting on a call from a source in the DA's office to confirm this story- so as of now it is not officially confirmed by the DA...but I believe it is true. This editorial is based on the assumption that this tip that Nathan received is on the level.)
It's about time- don't you think?..that is if the rumor uis true.

According to Nathan Morrison, co-founder of Powers&Morrison.com it seems that there is alleged election fraud in San Diego's 50th District. Sorry neo-cons it's not Busby that is on the hot seat. Of course it is Brian Bilbray, pictured, who like most of these cheating bastards is now being exposed. As of this posting I have not personally confirmed this story but Morrison's source is very credible. I will work on comfirming this tomorrow and will put updates in the comments section.

Last Friday an unconfirmed report of this was published in the local fishwrap, the San Diego Union-Tribune. You can look at that story by clicking here. I have not found any follow up reports in the press, so as of now Morrison has the only source that has confirmed this.

from Nathan's blog:

P&M has now confirmed that District Attorney Dumanis appointed independent counsel Patrick O'Toole to conduct the investigation. The main discrepancy being scrutinized seems to be Bilbray's 3 Residences, and the lack of clarity as to which residence he actually resides in. This news comes in the wake of another recent scandal, in which Brian Bilbray decided to support 'sweat shops' using young children on the Marianas Islands, where in his view those pesky U.S. Mainland Laws just shouldn't apply.

I have been waiting for this to occur since the primary elections.

While I do not live in the 50th district I did take issue with the special election results last June. Soon after there were reports of fraud but both the local election officials and even the Busby camp let it go without a whimper.

So now that Bilbray is allegedly being to be investigated the big question is what is Busby going to say about this and what are the voters of the 50th going to do?

Even staunch Republicans, who claim to have the lock hold on morality, should turn their backs on Bilbray. Busby, at least to me, is not a true progressive. She and I differ as far as same-sex partnership rights are concerned and certainly differ on immigration. Busby is more Republican-lite and would be a better choice for the 50th.

But as we saw in June logic seems to defy the voters.

Clearly Bilbray is another Republican shrill that has got caught with the preverbial pants down around his ankles if this report is valid. Is there a Republican candidate out there that isn't a corrupt scumbag?

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by PHILIP RACUEL (pracuel)
at September 21st, 2006 (12:46 pm)
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September 21, 2006 12:46pm PT
The six men accused of attacking six men leaving San Diego’s Gay Pride festival in July may be agreeing to plea bargains in court today, their prosecutors and lawyers said yesterday. The case yesterday was to be presented to a San Diego Superior Court judge to decide whether there is enough evidence against them for a trial. However, the judge was busiy dealing with another case and in the late afternoon, rescheduled the case to this morning.


I was covering gay pride for am1360 and I left with my partner about twenty minutes before these attacks occured. Any evidence? Holy Christ- they beat these people to a pulp and were yelling things like "faggots" amongst other explitives according to PEOPLE THAT I KNOW WHO ACTUALLY WITNESSED THE EVENT.

One of the victims is expected to leave the hospital next week after facial reconstruction surgery, prosecutor Oscar Garcia said to the San Diego Union-Tribune

In plea bargains – which is how the vast majority of cases are resolved – defendants typically agree to plead guilty to lesser crimes and prosecutors drop more serious charges in exchange for not having to go to trial.

And this is why the "liberal San Diego" community needs to get involved with this case- whether or not you happen to be gay. In 2000 I was attacked by three teenagers in East County. I was hit repeatedly with beer bottles and left for dead. It could have been classified as a "hate crime" but these kids reached a plea bargain with the DA.

I, as the victim, was left totally out of the loop. I had no recourse or say, in front of the court, even though I was the victim!

We cannot allow this to happen to the victims of the 2006 Pride gay bashings.

But if we all do not get involved- calling am1360 tomorrow to talk about this- protesting at the courthouse downtown then there is a chance that these scumbags will get off with probation in a plea bargain like the rotten son of bitches that beat me, because I "looked at one of them the wrong way".

Here are the scumbags that stand accused:

James Carroll, 24, is charged with two counts of attempted murder. He and Lyonn Tatum, 18, also face charges of assault with a deadly weapon and hate crime allegations, which could add time to sentences imposed.

A third man, Kenneth Lincoln, 23, is charged as an accessory after the fact.

Prosecutors say Carroll, Tatum and a 15-year-old boy who has already pleaded guilty in Juvenile Court assaulted six men as they left San Diego's Gay Pride Festival on July 29.

Outside court, Albert Arena, who represents Tatum, said the attacks weren't motivated by hatred of gay people, but rather “just young men on an alcohol-based rampage.”


Witnesses that I INTERVIEWED- personal friends and others, told me that they heard these people shouting anti-gay explitives at the victims.

This was a hate crime- the liberal San Diego community and especially the silent and complacent gay community needs to make sure all these bastards are charged and put in jail where animals like this belong.

What do you think?

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